Read this and Eric will weep

Ever had an emotion too complex, or confusing, to properly convey? Apparently, so have lots of other people, which would explain the bizarre popularity of Eric Conveys An Emotion, a Web site featuring a twentysomething Yahoo! employee’s hilarious attempts to convey everything from fear and sorrow to being constipated and being stuck in perpetual motion. AdFreak is by no means the first to applaud his efforts; USA Today, Entertainment Weekly,, and even international news outlets like the U.K.’s Sunday Times and France’s Branchez-Vous have run stories on him and his “lithe and versatile face.” In fact, all the media attention made him do this. I’m personally excited about what how he’ll emote the viewer request titled “sick of these Gap commercials.” If he’s anything like me, it’ll look something like this.

—Posted by David Kiefaber