Razr 2 pisses off world’s cell-phone makers

Sure, there’s nothing new about a TV spot in which the competition fumes over a new product. And yes, Subaru just got done building an entire campaign around the concept. But I still got a few good laughs out of this ad by Ogilvy Beijing for the new Motorola Razr 2. Most impressively, they manage to make caricatures of their competitors without completely demonizing them. The peroxide-blond Nokia guys seem to have pretty nice digs, and the espresso-sipping Italians (from Telit, as far as I can guess) just about steal the show. But the ad still drives home the phone’s best traits. For example, that metal casing might make this the first Razr that won’t be crushed by falling feathers or low-hanging clouds. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner