Radar shows off its favorite party animals

We don’t visit Radar Online that much since their 2006 report (and breathless e-mail to us) that Justin Long was being dumped from Apple’s ad campaign. (As of July ’08, that remains not the case.) But what do you know, they’re still going strong—and they even have a splashy new ad campaign launching from New York agency Walrus. In addition to the fun-loving DUI Bunny shown here, the campaign’s other mythical beasts are the Plastic Surgery Fairy, who both inflicts and suffers bodily harm, and the Intolerance Bug, a DJ whose colorful outfit includes a Confederate-flag cape, swastika armbands and a Klansman’s pointy hat. All that’s missing is Exclusive Claus, a shadowy figure who is supposed to deliver scoops but who doesn’t really exist. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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