Qwest exploring new levels of pain, anxiety


There's something disturbing and just off about these Draftfcb spots for Qwest. The work tries to be "edgy" by likening competitors' cable price hikes to bee attacks and late cable-guy arrivals to airline horror stories. The tone of the (unspeakably overused) faux-news-footage technique is what causes the effort to misfire. It should've been way more over the top. Instead, it's just convincing enough to be upsetting, especially the clip of the guy who gets "stung 300 times." The forest footage made me cringe, and his swollen-face makeup job was repellent (pun intended). The panicked passengers trapped in the close confines of the plane cabin were equally unsettling. Yes, Qwest is drawing the comparison between those situations and its rivals' business practices. Still, it's the Qwest name I'll associate with the images of panic and pain. Why not just link the brand to disease and death? Oh, because CiCi's Pizza is doing that already. But at least you can get a CiCi's pie for about $5. Beat that price, Qwest!

—Posted by David Gianatasio