Quiet down, you loud and annoying TV ads!

It looks like we'll all be living in a quiet, 500-channel TV utopia very soon, now that Rep. Anna Eshoo's measure to curb loud TV commercials is gaining volume in Washington. A House committee OK-ed the bill shortly before the holiday break. They probably took a silent ballot. Imagine: If this thing becomes law, and that Verizon guy asks if we can hear him now, we might not be able to! Wags have suggested that lawmakers might have more urgent matters to address. Fighting harassment claims from congressional pages and booking junkets on corporate jets come to mind. I disagree. It's easy to misplace the remote, and I for one appreciate the fact that legislation could serve as a mute button, especially when those annoying re-election ads from politicians come on. Photo: .m for matthijs.

—Posted by David Gianatasio