The Quickest Way to Get Fired From Subway Is to Rub Your Junk on the Bread

Freezing your pee also works

Disgusting employee antics at fast-food restaurants are getting out of hand. The latest horror story comes from Columbus, Ohio, where two "sandwich artists" have been fired from Subway for behaving in particularly unartistic ways around the food. One reportedly urinated in a bottle and froze it in the company freezer. The other rubbed his genitals on some bread. (Insert $5 footlong joke here.) The Huffington Post's Weird News blog has more, in case you haven't already heard enough. Subway has issued this statement: "This isolated incident is not representative of Subway Sandwich Artists. These actions are not tolerated and the franchisee took immediate action to terminate the two employees involved." Your move, Arby's employee with no sense of boundaries.