Purina’s Beneful Goes for Maximum Viral Appeal With Dog-Operated Rube Goldberg Device

Your move, cats

Wook at the poochies! Wook at the widdle poochie-woochies! What else do I really need to say about Deep Focus's "Dog Goldberg Machine" commercial for Purina's Beneful dog-food brand? It's doggone adorable the way those mutts manipulate toys, food tins and tennis balls to operate a Rube Goldberg device that ultimately spells out the tagline, "Play. It's good for you," in dominoes. My jaw drops in a massive "Awww!" when I watch the ad, which has garnered nearly 1.5 million YouTube views in less than a week. You could never get cats to do this stuff. They'd claw the director's eyes and chew through the camera cords. But check out the choreographed canines. Oooh, does pooch-ums wike his Fwisbee? This is way cuter than the Honda "Cog" spot, which started the whole Goldberg trend in advertising. In fact, there wasn't a single dog in that commercial, though "Cog" spelled backward is … "Goc." So cuuute, I'm woozing my mind! Awww! Credits below.


Client: Purina Beneful

Agency: Deep Focus

Chief Executive Officer: Ian Schafer

Exeuctive Creative Director: Ken Kraemer

Creative Director: Matt Steinwald

Art Director: Scott Jones

Copywriter: Micky Treutlein

Producer: Sean Fleming

Account Director: Jamie Julian

Production Company: Quiet Man

Director: Johnie Semerad

Music: Yessian