A Proud, Indignant Pickle Narrates This Strange Long-Copy Print Ad From McDonald’s

Unlikely path to greatness

DDB Stockholm and copywriter Magnus Jakobsson, masters of surreal McDonald's marketing, are back with another quirky long-copy print ad narrated by McDonald's food.

You may remember their defense of cheese, narrated by cheese, from 2012. (As if cheese needed any defense.) Well, now they've moved on to the lowly pickle. Or rather, the formerly lowly pickle, as this particular chatty gherkin—like him or hate him—has risen above his station by being included in McDonald's burgers.

Click the image below to see a larger version of the ad.

The copy feels a little stilted this time around, particularly compared with the more amusing cheese ad. And some people will see the whole concept as little more than a creative wank. Still, it's always nice to see a major marketer doing something legitimately offbeat—even when it doesn't quite work.

If you're into Jakobsson's long copy, also check out his ads for Swedish pop-culture retailer Papercut—especially the one he drew the penis on.