‘Prostate Czech’ Ads Don’t Exactly Ease Men’s Anxiety

'Get checked before you get Czeched'

Meet Branko, a bald, burly, tracksuit-wearing, latex-lovin' Czech who hangs out in a dank, unhygienic warehouse and cackles insanely during his quest to explore men's rectums. His catchphrase: "Come here, little tushy!" Branko's the revolting star of an ill-conceived public-service effort tagged, "Contact your family doctor and get checked before you get Czeched." The Prostate Cancer Foundation's Dan Zenka explained, "We wanted to use humor to break through the clutter," adding that the work targets "those who are afraid." Well, this campaign will make them even more afraid! That dude looks like Ed Asner from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and there's no way I'm letting Lou Grant probe my ass. The campaign actually has the right basic idea in using sophomoric humor to ease guys' anxiety over prostate exams. A key mistake is in focusing on the exams. And the word "prostate" should be avoided at all costs! I seriously suggest taking a cue from breast cancer PSAs and decades of car and beer marketing. To reach guys, put breasts in prostrate ads. Then add some simplistic messages that stress the benefits of an exam—something like: "Live longer. See more boobs!" Toss in a URL and a toll-free number for more info. Would this approach appeal to more men than Branko? Czech!