Progressive’s Flo Makes a Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video, and It’s Filled With Unicorns

Seems she's a bit obsessed

Progressive spokeswoman Flo sat out the Super Bowl—"We're not trying to make the noise even noisier," the company's CMO, Jeff Charney, said late last week—but she's all over the whole Facebook Look Back thing.

Below, check out Flo's "Look Back" video, which is apparently a parody, unless Facebook approved the unicorn image at the end instead of the Like sign. In fact, Flo's whole video is about unicorns, which she's been associated with ever since a 2010 ad, when she exclaimed that homeowners and auto insurance, bundled together, is like "unicorns and glitter."

There's also a Unicorns & Glitter tab on her Facebook page, where you can get more intimately acquainted with all things Flo.