Profane goldfish gets all hopped up on milk

Bent Image Lab’s new stop-motion ads for the BC Dairy Foundation really resonate with me on a personal level! The adorable yet angry "smack-talking goldfish" in the spot above reminds me of me. I also communicate in a rambling stream of profanities all day long, which is why they stuck me in a cubicle between the scanner and the elevator bank. (#@%$ you, HR!) I also own a prized collection of adorable Japanese charms, just like the ones in this spot. Look, I’m manly enough to get away with it. (I am also somewhat lactose intolerant, so unfortunately I can also relate to characters’ "accidents" toward the end of the spot.) The animated mouse and trap in this spot are also winners. Frankly, I could use some pest control myself, as various spills beneath my desk seem to have attracted some unwanted visitors. Unless that’s Fred from accounts payable gnawing at my toe. In which case: Knock it off, Fred!

—Posted by David Gianatasio