Pretzels Are Totally Badass in Barton F. Graf’s Funny First Ads for Snyder’s of Hanover

'Pretzels, baby'

Barton F. Graf's signature absurdist humor arrives fully baked in its first campaign for Snyder's of Hanover pretzels.

Broadcast spots and brief social videos introduce the line "Pretzels, Baby," delivered in mock-serious, smoky tones by actress Laura Wernette.

Portraying a pretzel-lovin' suburbanite, she looks straight into the camera and musters up an impressive level of tongue-in-cheek intensity, her zeal heightened only by the polka-dot party hat she dons for the "Backyard BBQ" spot below:

"People have been eating pretzels since 610 A.D. So, at this point, it's safe to say people like pretzels," Barton F. Graf executive creative director Ian Reichenthal tells AdFreak. "A lot of flashy new snacks have come and gone in that time. And people may sometimes reach for them instead of pretzels. But if you're pretzels, you've got nothing to worry about. Pretzels aren't going anywhere. That's where the confidence of 'Pretzels, Baby' comes from."

Anyone questioning the boldness of Synder's flavors can grab the nearest "Dictionary" and look it up, following Wernette's example in the next ad:

"We cast hundreds and hundreds of people" searching for the perfect spokesperson, says Reichenthal. The team ultimately chose Wernette because she embodied "a mom with the swagger of Telly Savalas."

Savalas was a familiar face in prime time during his iconic '70s run as NYC detective Theo Kojak, whose hardboiled catchphrase "Who loves ya, baby?" entered the cultural lexicon. (Note the retro cop-show music at the close of each Snyder's spot.)

Actually, Kojak fancied lollipops, not pretzels. But that was 40 years ago, so who cares?

In "For Your Own Good," our heroine gives a positively smashing performance:

Director Harold Einstein of Dummy keeps the setups simple, providing a punchy pace that lets Wernette's salty talk—by which we mean her G-rated pitch for pretzels—scale the heights of sublime silliness.

According to Reichenthal, Wernette worked hard to stay in character between takes, practicing her lines "while sitting in a Chesterfield chair and holding an empty scotch glass."

Sample a few more snack-size bites below. (They're social responses to Twitterers who say they do or don't like pretzels.) 

In this last social clip, she goes on about the many different kinds of Snyder's pretzels (for nearly three minutes, baby!)


Client: Snyder's-Lance

Brand: Snyder's of Hanover

Agency: Barton F. Graf

Chief Creative Officer: Gerry Graf

Chief Executive Officer: Barney Robinson

Chief Strategy Officer: Laura Janness

Executive Creative Director: Ian Reichenthal

Art Director: Ross Fletcher

Copywriter: Mark Bielik

Head of Design: Roger Bova

Head of Production: Josh Morse

Producer: Erica Kahr

Group Account Director: Elisa Silva

Account Supervisor: Kate Callander

Head of Business Affairs: Jennifer Pannent

Production: Dummy

Director: Harold Einstein

EP: Eric Liney

DP: Jonathan Freeman

Production Designer: Patrick Lumb

Editorial: Arcade Edit

Editor: Dave Anderson

Assistant Editor: Laurel Smoliar

Executive Producer: SiIa Soyer

Music: Butter Music & Sound

Music CCO: Andrew Sherman

Music EP: Ian Jeffreys

Music Producer: Ryan Faucett

Telecine: Company 3

Colorist: Tim Masick

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