Post Shredded Wheat isn’t fond of progress

Post Shredded Wheat is putting the "no" back in innovation by pointing out that its cereal has been made the same way since 1892. The campaign, courtesy of Ogilvy, goes retro with long-copy print ads, but despite the aversion to progress, they haven't skimped on the digital media. Hop over to to view some amusing anti-progress webisodes. Or check out the spots on Frank Druffel's Facebook and YouTube pages. Turning a negative into a positive has long been one of advertising's best tricks (think Avis). Not only does going against the conventional wisdom make the brand stand out, for Post it's also a good insight about America's current fear of Frankenfood. It's also-also a fantastic time for Post Shredded Wheat to make its move, since Kellogg's has just been smacked by the FTC for misleading claims about Frosted Mini-Wheats. In these times, we need old-fashioned wheat we can trust, not this whiz-bang CGI wheat spouting "scientific" claims and other mumbo-jumbo!

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers