Pornhub Made a Song by Using Sex Toys as Instruments (SFW-ish)

Music video launches sex toy line for couples

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Pornhub has long pioneered SFW advertising tactics for adult content. And now it’s joining a trend that lots of consumer brands have tried in recent years—making music from its products.

But this is a little different than Gillette getting its razors to play the piano. In a video that just rolled out, Pornhub teamed up with electro-pop band Perlita to create a song made primarily of sounds produced by sex toys.

Guitars played with vibrators, bass notes from anal beads, strokers for rhythm—it’s a veritable orchestra of “sonic bliss,” Pornhub says. And it’s kinda-SFW, though the extra sounds of moaning might raise some eyebrows at the cubicles near yours.

See the video here:

The song is called “Sex Instruments” and can be downloaded for free here.

The three-minute video, which stars adult actors Carolina Abril and Jesus Reyes, launches a new line of Pornhub sex toys, developed in partnership with Ann Summers. The video “serves as a metaphor for the numerous ways a couple can enjoy the large selection of Pornhub Toys by telling the story of a young couple that is not only experimenting with music, but with the toys themselves,” according to Pornhub.

The new line of toys is available at

“With over 50 years’ experience supplying the most innovative and quality sex toys, Ann Summers is a British establishment that has provided pure titillation for couples across the U.K. Now, with the launch of our wide-ranging sex toy line, that excitement will be shared amongst couples and males from across the world,” said Corey Price, vp of Pornhub.

“Being the leading provider in adult entertainment, and considering our past success with both the TwerkingButt and launch of our very own lube line, we have a firm grasp on how to best extend sexual pleasure, from the screen and into the bedroom.”

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.