Pop-Up Restaurant Lets You Pay With an Instagram

A clever branded stunt from Birds Eye

This week, a pop-up restaurant in London made paying a snap, literally, by allowing customers to settle their bills with Instagram shots of their meals.

Of course it was part of an ad campaign, for freezer veggie brand Birds Eye, and folks ate for free at The Picture House if they included the #BirdsEyeInspirations hashtag with their uploads to help promote a new line of frozen entrees. A professional food photographer was on hand to provide Instagram tutorials and filter out unappetizing images.

The brand's trying to leverage the current mania for sharing food pix online. Apparently, 40 percent of Brits "arrange" food on their plates for this purpose. That said, the shots that came out of the event weren't exactly the cream of the Instagram crop, largely because the lighting seemed to be a bit pink. Super pink, actually. When the whole event is meant to be Instagrammed, why not go with good old soft white light? 

The Picture House pops up next month in Leeds and Manchester, so those folks can also fulfill their dreams of dining inside a huge advertisement. I dunno, it just seems strange to be eating Birds Eye cuisine at a proper restaurant, instead of scarfing it down half-defrosted at home, as nature intended.

Via Design Taxi

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