Poochigian wins Ben Stein’s endorsement

As odd as it may seem, celebrity endorsement of California politicos is still relatively rare (that is, until Warren Beatty runs for office). Rarer still is the endorsement by a truly intelligent celebrity—so Ben Stein’s endorsement of California Attorney General candidate Chuck Poochigian stands out from the pack. Stein, a Columbia-trained economist and Yale Law valedictorian, has polished his best John Hughes-movie teacher monotone to talk up Poochigian in radio spots—the candidate is running against former California Gov. Jerry Brown. Stein starts by instructing voters on the candidate’s name: "Say it with me. Puch-i-gian. Very good … Puchigian may be tough to pronounce but he’s even tougher on crime." (The phonetic spelling found on Poochigian’s Web site is pictured above.) Stein ends the spot with oblique but unmistakable referense to Brown. "Chuck Poochigian—he’s the one who’s not a flake."

—Posted by Gregory Solman