PodBrix reaches pinnacle of nerdiness with ‘1984’-inspired Lego playset

Speaking of crazy people, the folks at PodBrix, who devote their lives to creating Apple-centric Lego products, are set to release their 1984 Playset. That’s right, they’ve re-created Chiat/Day’s classic “1984” commercial in Lego. Here’s a product description: “The 1984 Playset was envisioned from the beginning of PodBrix but only now has been realized. Including an intricately detailed ‘runner’ minifig, two riot police minifigs and an audience of 12 figures, this brick-based work is inspired by the classic TV commercial and features over eighty parts. A static LED backlit movie screen complete with a minifig style ‘Big Brother’ completes the effect.” They’ve made only 100 of these things. They go on sale Wednesday for about $200 each. A perfect gift for the smug little twit in your family. Via TUAW.