Plugg Jeans ad too hot for Times Square

Calvin Klein models have cavorted in their skivvies there for years. Porn star Jenna Jameson is there now, promoting her latest skin flick. But this ad for Plugg Jeans won’t be appearing in Times Square. It was rejected this month by Van Wagner Outdoor, as well as a number of teen magazines. Elle Girl and Teen People both demanded retouches, which included softening the male model’s pectoral muscle tone and raising the waistline of his pants. (CosmoGirl, the prep-school version of sex bible Cosmopolitan, accepted the ad as is.) Too much GI Joe muscle, according to M Media in New York, the shop that created the ad. I’m stymied. What is the world coming to when Paris Hilton can virtually fellate a burger while wearing a leather teddy, but low-rise jeans scares off teen magazines? Aren’t these the same mags that tell teens to wear those jeans? I suppose it could be the crotch-grabbing that set off the warning flares. When I was a youngster, Marky Mark (as he was then known) sent my parents into epileptic rage by tugging suggestively at his Calvins. To quote Plugg’s tagline: “Get used to it!” I thought we already had.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit

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