Playful Ads Show the Many Things PayPal Can Do for You Every Day

CP+B's latest for the e-commerce brand

PayPal invests its latest ads with a wealth of can-do spirit, portraying itself as a trusted and flexible financial partner for users everywhere.

Breaking today, the work, tagged “PayPal Can Do That,” marks the client’s second major push from CP+B. It follows 2016’s “New Money” initiative, which broke during Super Bowl 50, a few months after PayPal relaunched as an independent company.

“A year later, a lot has changed, including new partnerships with many industry players including Visa and MasterCard to give our customers even more ways to conveniently pay and get paid, no matter where they are or what funding source they’d like to use,” Patrick Adams, head of North American consumer marketing at the e-commerce company, tells AdFreak.

“The ‘PayPal Can Do That’ campaign expands on the story told by ‘New Money,’ highlighting real-life scenarios where PayPal helps fulfill a variety of money management and payment needs.”

“New Money” was an exercise in small change, and pretty forgettable. “PayPal Can Do That,” however, packs more ka-ching, presenting sharp comic vignettes that make their point without overstating the brand proposition.

Take, for example, the spot below, which uses an extremely annoying cuckoo clock to tell viewers it’s time for PayPal’s buyer protection service:

Hey, bird—shaddap!

“The team wanted to create the most awful sound you’ve ever heard to illustrate that there’s clearly something very wrong with this woman’s cuckoo clock,” says Adams. “We worked with a music house to design an original sound that can best described as ‘horrific.’ I think the team pulled it off, and of course the clock was able to be retuned using PayPal’s buyer protection program.”

Personally, we’d smash the things to bits and grind the bits into the floor with our heel, but whatever.

Next, PayPal rides mass transit to explain the wisdom of setting payment preferences in advance:

Keep your eyes to yourselves, straphangers!

“The campaign takes our customers on a journey, designed to be light and humorous, showcasing how PayPal can touch and improve many aspects of daily life,” Adams says. “Whether the transaction is big or small, planned or unplanned, PayPal has a product to help with all of it.”

That includes the ability to to shop millions of sites for big things, small things and specialty things, all in the service of … personal liquidity:

Here are more ads in the series that may repay your attention:

Client: PayPal

Agency: CP+B L.A.
Kevin Jones, Chief Creative Officer
Mike Wilson, Associate Creative Director
Chelsea O’Brien, Associate Creative Director

Production Company: Park Pictures, Capital Media (Vancouver)
Director: Terri Timely
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Dinah Rodriguez, Christian Allen, Meghan Lang, Kelly Bayett
Head of Production: Anne Bobroff, Keely Stothers
Producer: Matt Olmon, Rebecca Boorsma, KC Dossett

Editorial Company: Cut & Run
Editor: Frank Effron
VFX & Grade: MPC
Colorist: Mark Gethin
VFX Artist: Cynthia Lee