Pittsburgh Will Pay You $100,000 If You’ll Just Please Move There

City resorts to plain bribery

How much money would it take to lure you to move to Pittsburgh? How about $100,000? Some wags in SoHo would probably say no amount is enough. STFU, SoHo! The oft-maligned hometown of the Steelers and Penguins (the Pirates are best ignored) is offering 100K in its "Experienced Dreamers" contest for folks 45 and older. Contest materials explain: "Pittsburgh is a place with a long history of dreamers—pioneers in arts and culture, business, medicine, robotics, and more." The competition "is all about getting you to think about your dream—whatever it is you believe you were born to do—and asking if you have the courage to pick up your life, move to Pittsburgh and make it real. If you've got a dream and the passion to follow it, we want to hear about it. And—for one dreamer—we're going to give you the resources to help you do it." The contest runs through Dec. 19, and the winner must donate half the cash to charity. So, you'll be out $50,000 right off the bat. On the bright side: At least you won't be living in Cleveland.