Pittsburgh sports fans, it’s time to move on

Pittsburgh has other pro sports teams besides the Super Bowl-winning Steelers? It's true! But they're all hopeless losers who haven't worn championship rings since dinosaurs roamed the earth. All the more reason they need ads, perhaps. Here's Cenergy's new work for the Penguins, who are currently in fourth place in the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference. The ads target 11th-hour ticket seekers and time-shifters on tight schedules who apparently don't care that a 7-0 loss to the Bruins is still a blowout even if they watch it online the next day. The wedding spot above and this office cubicle spot are cute and effectively illustrate the "No matter where I am, I'm in the game" mantra. And yet, given the team's performance of late, wouldn't they rather be someplace else?

—Posted by David Gianatasio