Philly thinks you look pretty hot tonight

"Worknight deal, weekend feel." That’s the suggestive, perhaps unintentionally all-too-accurate tagline of LevLane’s new campaign for Center City District in Philadelphia and sponsor Leblon white Brazilian rum. The tactic: promote downtown Philly as an after-work “entertainment venue” to the 21- to 35-year-old commuter crowd by touting discount drinks in more than 60 local bars and restaurants. Plus half-price appetizers—they’re the real draw. Media include “bar-seat savers” placed on bottled drinks with slogans like “Never hurts to ask” and “What if I said yes.” (See some more here.) Here’s the kicker: Bathrooms will boast “interactive mirror clings stating ‘You look great. And that isn’t just the discount drinks talking.’ ” Patrons might want to visit a Morphmonkey for a sobering reminder that while barhopping can be fun, saying yes after a few too many worknight deals can hurt like nobody’s business.

—Posted by David Gianatasio