Philips advertising its upcoming advertising


Bigger clowns than I have coined silly marketing terms, so here's mine: ad-vent. The definition: "Advertising that itself is an event, rather than merely supporting an event." Super Bowl advertising is an ad-vent. Oscar advertising almost qualifies. The latest entry in the advertising-as-event arena is Philips's "Parallel Lines," the follow-up to "Carousel," the company's violent, visually stunning gun-toting-clowns epic from Tribal DDB that won the Film Grand Prix at Cannes last year. The new project features short films from five RSA directors designed to "showcase the great Ambilight, picture and sound capabilities of Philips TVs." See the trailer below. I didn't see any bozo masks or gun play, but the fact that a set of overblown ads gets an ad of its own (aren't trailers supposed to be for full-length movies?) speaks volumes about the state of the business, the media and popular culture. Not to mention what I spend my time thinking about all day long. Ah well, it's a living. Send in the clowns!

—Posted by David Gianatasio