PETA finally latches on to Tiger Woods saga

It took a little while, but PETA has finally rolled out a Tiger Woods-related ad online, under the guise of pretending to want to put it up as a billboard in Florida. Obviously, Woods didn't agree to this (even if he might agree with the headline), and his lawyers surely won't stand idly by while his image gets used without his permission. As of this writing, they haven't responded yet. On the plus side, at least Tiger isn't naked here. There's no telling whether the public will find this idea as "fun [and] tongue-in-cheek" as PETA does. Woods will have difficulty seeing the humor in it, particularly since PETA's "Too much sex" campaign (advocating the spaying and neutering of pets) usually features porn stars like Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson. Woods's sex-addition therapy presumably forbids him from associating with folks like that in future.

—Posted by David Kiefaber