Perfume spot banned for glorifying drug use


Following 13 complaints, the ad below for Yves Saint-Laurent's Belle d'Opium perfume has been banned by Britain's Ad Standards Authority because the dancer briefly appears to point at her arm—a bit of choreography that seems more about shooting up than seduction. YSL insists otherwise, but the ASA has them pretty much dead to rights here. The watchdog said that "in the context of the ad, Belle running her finger down her inner arm could be seen to simulate the injection of opiates into the body." Since the product is called Belle d'Opium, they're probably right. Opium is kind of a red-flag word for drug use, after all. Not that 13 complaints should decide anything, but YSL knew what they were doing and are just pissy that they got caught. For the record, YSL says Belle d'Opium's scent "constantly oscillates between fragility and determination, control and abandon." Right. I think I've smelled abandon before, usually after Indian food. I prefer control.