Pepsi NEXT Is More Unbelievable Than Your Freaky, Superhuman Baby

New cola, but a familiar formula

Babies doing oddly grownup things is one of the great Internet memes of all time. It goes all the way back to the Dancing Baby of the mid-'90s—one of the first viral videos ever. The tradition has included Baby Bob, the Evian roller-skating babies, and the guitar-playing Rocksmith baby. Now, Pepsi adds to the pantheon with this launch spot for Pepsi NEXT (via TBWAChiatDay in Los Angeles) in which a baby does all kinds of super-freaky dance moves and tricks, while his parents remain obliviously focused on what they consider the truly unbelievable thing in the room—their haul of Pepsi NEXT, allegedly tasty despite having 60 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi. The spot self-consciously acknowledges its own blatant pandering to freaky-baby video watchers, as the couple whip out a camera and record the Pepsi NEXT cans, with the husband saying excitedly, "Are you getting this, honey? It's going viral!" This spot, derivative though it may be, will probably do the same.