Pepsi guy loses it, whales on Coke guy

Pepsicoke Whenever you get a Pepsi guy and a Coke guy together in a commercial, there’s always tension, but it rarely boils over. It did in this old Pepsi spot, where the guys try each other’s sodas, but no one got seriously injured. In the real world, though, all bets are off, and Coke and Pepsi guys are free to attack each other at will. It happened recently near Pittburgh. According to the Post-Gazette: “An employee from each company was delivering products to the Wal-Mart on Oakland Avenue in White Township on Monday morning and ‘apparently bickering back and forth’ as they worked, state police said.” Eventually the Pepsi guy hit a breaking point and “punched the [Coke guy] three times in the face,” breaking his nose and giving him a black eye. Despite the violent outcome, it’s refreshing, in a way, to see these guys have retained a competitive streak despite their companies’ treacly advertising. Or maybe they’re just meatheads. Whatever the case, Pepsi may have found its next Super Bowl commercial.

—Posted by Tim Nudd