Patton Oswalt has no time for advertising

Fans of advertising humor might want to snag a copy of comedian Patton Oswalt’s Feelin’ Kinda Patton album, which has a lot of ad-focused bits. Specific targets are Stella d’Oro Breakfast Treats, Martini and Rossi, Tom Carvel, and Godfather producer Robert Evans. Evans was apparently drafted by ESPN to do radio spots for them, which suggests maybe the ESPN guys were on harder drugs than Evans at the time (a bold statement—Evans probably can’t get high off anything but laudanum made from white tiger’s blood and unicorn tears these days). Patton’s interpretation of the spots nearly made me drive my car off the road when I first heard them, so exercise caution, but this album is worth every penny. You’ll never look at a Cookie Puss ice-cream cake the same way again.

—Posted by David Kiefaber