Party lines and the Oscars

Oscar_1Fahrenheit 9/11 isn’t the only one of last year’s movies about which Democrats and Republicans differ. They also can’t agree on which Academy Award nominee ought to win the Best Picture award. In a new Harris Poll, a plurality of Democrats (29 percent) picked Ray as the film that ought to win. Million Dollar Baby was a distant second (17 percent), just ahead of The Aviator (16 percent). Among Republicans, The Aviator edged out Ray (25 percent vs. 22 percent), with nothing else registering in double digits. (Readers may insert their own jokes about Republicans’ natural affinity for a billionaire industrial mogul.) Given Hollywood’s political leanings, it’s no surprise that Democrats were less likely than Republicans to answer "none of these" or "not sure" (23 percent of Democrats vs. 35 percent of Republicans) when asked to pick a deserving Best Picture nominee. 

—Posted by Mark Dolliver