Panettiere heads online to save the whales

On Heroes, Hayden Panettiere's character seems like she's constantly dithering about whether to actually get out and do anything heroic. So, it's refreshing to know that in real life, she doesn't hesitate to wade out into a sea of dolphin carnage and intimidate Japanese whalers with her surfboard and irascible cuteness. Now, a year after nearly being arrested for protesting dolphin killings, Panettiere has joined with to rally support for the cause. She's urging fans to sign up on the social activism site and select the Whaleman Foundation as the charity of choice. SocialVibe then lets users raise money for the cause by sharing links through social networks. Panettiere hopes to have 1 million supporters enrolled by the June 2009 meeting of the International Whaling Commission, where she'll present the foundation's petition to protect whales and dolphins.

—Posted by David Griner