Orville popping into popcorn festival

The star attraction in Clay County, Ind., at its annual Popcorn
Festival in September will be none other than Orville Redenbacher, the long-deceased magnate of the eponymous popcorn empire, who will appear in a retrospective
of his own commercials. (You can see some of the ads here.) Redenbacher’s daughter, Gail Redenbacher Tuminello, has
what “is thought to be the world’s only complete collection of the
,” according to a story in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. Her
compensation for showing the ads is a little odd—she has simply asked the
festival’s organizers to transfer the old spots from Betamax to DVD. You’d
think a popcorn magnate’s daughter could outsource this task some other way.
But we are neither a magnate, nor his daughter, so what do we know?

 —Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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