Orlando: fun city, boring slogan

The city of Orlando, allegedly inspired by Las Vegas’s “What happens here, stays here” campaign, is planning to spend $68 million over two years to promote itself. But what the city has in ad dollars, it lacks in inspiration, going with the tepid line: “Orlando: Built for families. Made for memories.” An online poll I found last night had 111 respondents fans of the new slogan, and 210 foes. (Yeah, one of the dislikers was AdFreak.) In fairness, Orlando doesn’t have quite the rich palette of history that Las Vegas or even New Jersey do when it comes to being good fodder for potential slogans. Or maybe it’s just that too many people in and around Orlando are actually earnest—and cliché-loving—when it comes to the art of slogan-creating. Asked for ideas of what they would come up with their own, they offered such ideas as “A magical adventure that you will remember for life. Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!” (love those exclamation points!) and “The fun time place in the sunshine state.”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor