Oreo chases world record of Facebook likes


This is genius. Beginning at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Oreo will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for most "likes" to a Facebook post within 24 hours. Of course, it's also the first official attempt at such a record. (NOTE: Actually, it's not. See the update below.) Talk about conjuring customer engagement literally out of nothing. Humorously, Oreo didn't even see the point of researching this. "Let's go for over 50,000 Likes," the cookie somewhat cavalierly urges its 16.6 million fans in a post from earlier today (which itself has already been liked more than 10,000 times). But it may take more than 50,000. About three hours ago, Justin Bieber wrote "Happy Valentines Day" on his wall. With 21 of his 24 hours left, he's already gotten 54,853 people to like that. Photo above by JanetandPhil. Via Brainstorm #9. UPDATE: So, it turns out that "Most likes on a status update" is an official category for a Guinness World Record, once set by a Dirty Dancing fan-page post. It's one of seven Facebook categories outlined by Guinness here (in a post that has a paltry 207 likes). Also, you have to apply for the record, not just set the high mark—so perhaps Oreo is on to something here. Still, Lady Gaga could get her 28 million Facebook fans to eclipse any Oreo record in a matter of hours with a few clicks from inside her eggmobile.