Order Your Off-Color Axe or Snuggie Ad Now

(Note: Bottom video is NSFW.) Here are a couple of goofy infomercial spoofs that we'll kill with one post. Above is a spot starring Jaime Pressly for the Axe Detailer, which is a real product—an intimate scrubbing sponge that will clean any double entendre you put in front of it, no matter how long it's overstayed its welcome. Consumer Reports should compare it to the lower-budget Scrotum Scrub. And for those of you who bought Snuggies (and who will buy literally anything you see on television), check out the NSFW spot below for the Snuggie D-lux (not a real product), which includes an extra sleeve for lame dick jokes. Tempting, but no. Although that Reverse Snuggie looks pretty slick.