Oops? Rolling Stone Has John Hancock Sign the Constitution on Julia Louis-Dreyfus Cover

But a source claims it was intentional

Headshot of Emma Bazilian

If you've seen Rolling Stone's latest cover featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Veep fame, your initial thoughts were probably along the lines of "Elaine from Seinfeld is naked!" or perhaps "JLD looks damn good for 53!" or maybe even "I want a tattoo of the U.S. Constitution on my back, too!"

But if you paid attention in history class (nerd alert), you'll notice something else: The big ol' "John Hancock" tattooed just north of Louis-Dreyfus' derriere is a mistake. Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

Always quick to ruin everything, the Twittersphere wasted no time in pointing this out.

Louis-Dreyfus also addressed the gaffe in her own Twitter account, putting the blame on her Veep character Selina Meyers' generally incompetent communications director, Mike.

A source at Rolling Stone, however, said the John Hancock signature was deliberate and was meant to be "in the spirit" of Veep's farcical tone. "The Declaration of Independence is on the other side, but we couldn't fit all the signatures on there," the source said.

UPDATE: A day later, Louis-Dreyfux continues to have fun with it:

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