ONDCP takes high road in Super Bowl spot

So, if I correctly understand this Super Bowl spot from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, I should get high on pills from my parents’ medicine cabinet, because that will put drug dealers out of business. Cool! Our neighborhoods will be a whole lot safer. Kidding! Before the ONDCP or the creative gurus at DraftFCB start in with the angry calls, I want to make it clear that I comprehend the real message of this commercial: Don’t get high on pills found at home. Buy illegal drugs on the street instead, and keep your friendly neighborhood pusher in business. When you’re the nation’s anti-drug czars, creating a sympathetic drug dealer in your ads might not be the best way to go. (Didn’t I see that guy on a rerun of Starsky & Hutch? Maybe it was Miami Vice.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio