OK Go adds TV to its potent marketing soup


OK Go, those spunky ninjas of online marketing, have put out another one of their reliably viral all-in-one-take music videos, this time with dogs and jumbo-cup stacking. But now they're also using good old-fashioned network television to get the word out. The video, for a song called "White Knuckles," premiered first on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she's also got exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making. Smart move. YouTube views went from around 700 when the release hit my inbox to more than 1 million a few hours after premiering on Ellen. (They're now more than 2 million.) The band is also donating a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue, as most of the video's canine stars are rescue dogs. While dogs are cute, and rescuing them is awesome, let's be honest: If they really wanted to impress, they should have tried herding cats.