Oil dinosaurs perish in Consol Energy’s ads

Here's what I've learned about Pittsburgh from the ad campaigns sent to me by Steel City agency Brunner through the years. Almost everyone works in coal mines, so personal safety isn't highly prized. Drive-ins are the leading leisure-time activity, though patrons miss most of the movies because those kooky windshield sunscreens are all the rage. And now, judging by the new Brunner ad above for Consol Energy, a bunch of dying oil-derrick dinosaurs are roaming the Pennsylvania lowlands, spewing grit, grime and metal shards in all directions. (Either that or they're AT-AT refugees from the Snow Battle on Hoth.) At this rate, Pittsburgh will soon be a desolate wasteland (I mean, more than it already is) … not unlike the burned and blasted landscapes in Brunner's apocalyptic Zippo lighter campaign! Stay out of Pittsburgh, people. For my next vacation, I'm going to Cleveland. Or maybe Copenhagen.

—Posted by David Gianatasio