Offerman, Robinson Back for Round 2 of New Era’s Cubs-White Sox Campaign

What would Nick give for a World Series victory?

NBC sitcom stars Nick Offerman, a Cubs fan, and Craig Robinson, a White Sox fan, return in a second satisfying Brooklyn Brothers spot for sports-cap maker New Era. (See the first one here.) This time around, Robinson quizzes Offerman about what sacrifices he'd be willing to make if it assured that the Cubs would win the World Series, ending their 104-year championship drought. Offerman concludes that forsaking deep-dish pizza for life is no problem because "I could stack up thin crusts." Would he travel back to medieval times and live there permanently? Offerman: "Would I be a king or a serf?" Robinson: "Jester." Offerman: "No-brainer." When Robinson asks, "Would you let me shave your mustache?" Offerman deadpans, "I'd let you shave anything." Robinson's slightly open-mouthed look by way of reply is priceless. The writing and acting are superlative, but the wordy war waged by these laid-back Chicagoans (torpid from too much bratwurst?) can't compare to the over-the-top, physically manic and occasionally violent commercial combat in New Era's 2011 campaign pitting über-Yankees fan Alec Baldwin against die-hard Red Sox rooter John Krasinski. Bottom line: Go Yankees!