NYC fights soft drinks with another nasty ad


The same folks who warned us against drinking human fat (it was a metaphor—I hope) are back with a new commercial. Like that earlier spot, this latest one from New York City's health department targets sugary soft drinks. We're told that five such beverages equal 93 sugar packets, and that such daily consumption can lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer. To drive home the point, they show mega-fatties riding around on motorized carts, crusty disintegrating toes and a dude in a hospital gown looking sad because he's got the big C. There's so much wrong with these unsubtle scare tactics, it's hard to know where to start. First off, this is America, so no one stops at five sugary beverages. Ten is the minimum I need to perform my soul-crushing labors when AdFreak's editor makes the workday a living hell. As for cancer, well, if Mountain Dew caused it, maybe it can cure it. Also, the "threat" of driving motorized carts is a lame deterrent. Getting around that way looks pretty cool, and I'd especially appreciate such conveyances if I was a lard-ass whose decaying diabetic toes looked like they'd been deep-fried at Arby's. Zipping through the streets as a tubby king on a perpetual cola high? Sounds like a sweet deal to me.