Norway discovers punk via XXL clothing ad

Like most folks, when I think of Norway, what comes to mind are '70s punk-rock haircuts. Which brings us to this busy, noisy, longish yet likable spot for clothing retailer XXL by ad agency Schjarven. Mohawks abound. Priests, office drones and bellhops have them. What a perfect way to express your free-spiritedness and individuality—by getting the same haircut as everyone else. Folks play golf in church and hockey on a high-rise rooftop and ride bikes in the office as the soundtrack thrashes and thumps. It's a non-stop Norse punk party! (It appears to be filmed in L.A., actually. How subversive!) For the big finale, a bunch of mohawkers face off in the street against a SWAT team. One cop starts to remove his helmet … will he have a mohawk? Does he breakdance? Hell yes to both! Beneath that riot gear he's a punk, dammit!