The North Face Surprises Shoppers With a Free Jacket, but They Have to Zipline for It

Brand's latest fun Korean stunt

The North Face is all about fun stunts in Korea, where it regularly gives shoppers unexpected surprises—and films them for videos that, as often as not, go viral.

The most famous one was in 2014, when the brand created a pop-up store whose floor disappeared, forcing the startled shoppers to have to engage in some athletic activity by climbing the walls. Another stunt had shoppers try out a VR experience that turned out to be way more real than they expected.

Now, agency Innored is back with its latest caper.

It set up another pop-up store, and had clerks surprise shoppers by offering them a free jacket. There was just one catch. The side of the store suddenly opened up, and the shoppers were told they had to zipline 200 meters—through a series of paper signs—to claim their free swag.

It's a fun formula that keeps paying off for The North Face. As Innored tells AdFreak, it "delivers a unique concept to people who lead a routine life and would like to help them awaken the values of exploring." 

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