Nokia presents a man and his musical suit

Who can deny the musical talent of young men of indeterminate Eastern European origin? A new viral site, apparently for Nokia, presents Pjotro, a heavily accented fellow who has invented a “musical suit” and wants you to play around with it. Pjotro comes out in his green one-piece, decked out with motion sensors and wires, and encourages you to adjust his moves (fast or slow, crazy or cool, sharp or smooth) to create music. I guess you could call it music. You can save your creation as a ringtone and video and send it to a friend, etc. It’s certainly weird; it’s unclear whether it’s any good. The only link to Nokia is a “My Mobile” bug on the top of the page, which opens a product shot. Adverblog and Random Culture have both written about Pjotro already, and there’s some debate over there about whether the connection to the brand is strong enough.

—Posted by Tim Nudd