No one’s shutting up on Dixie Chicks blog

Something is amiss with the Dixie Chicks’ Shut Up and Post “fan blog,” designed to promote the Chicks’ upcoming movie Shut Up & Sing. There’s plenty of posting going on, but not a lot of it by fans. The blog is densely populated by anonymous haters, for whom English seems to be a third or perhaps fourth language. Here are some choice tidbits: “There should be NO LIMITS on free speach, unless it advocates a subsiquent murder.” (Muggings and assaults are fine, though.) “As for the traitor B****, she should be charged and put before a firing squadm just as any traitor should.” (Nice that fascists self-censor these days.) “i dont think there should be limits on free speech but i would think that an united states citizen should know not to talk shit about the country overseas when we r in the middle of a war.” (Yeah, wait until something you oppose is over before complaining.) And of course, there’s “f**k bush,” proof that sounding like an idiot isn’t limited to one end of the political spectrum. Then again, with a name like Shut Up and Post, you’re bound to suffer communication problems.

—Posted by David Kiefaber