Next up for Condi Rice: the presidency or a series of aerobics videos?

If you thought Condoleezza Rice was terrifying in her current job, just wait until she has her own workout videos. The 51-year-old U.S. Secretary of State has been filmed pumping some iron for a three-tiered segment on health and exercise produced by NBC’s Washington, D.C., affiliate. (Link includes video.) The NBC reporter who tried to keep up with Rice is suitably humbled by her toughness. “She is amazing,” says Barbara Harrison. “The amount of weights she handles and the endurance she has … As a person who has exercised all my life, I was very impressed. She looks good throughout the whole workout.” Should Rice pursue a set of videos, someone over at has suggested a title: Sweatin’ With the Reactionaries. The moral of this story is: Yes, as you figured, Condi Rice can indeed kick your ass any day of the week.

—Posted by Tim Nudd