New York targets Web videos gone wild

Google’s free video service, Google Video, is apparently attracting a lot of gross and disgusting material that no advertiser would want to be a part of. Well, most advertisers would want no part of it, anyway. According to Tuesday’s New York Post, the service is not only free of charge but free of parental controls (unlike the main Web site) and censoring filters, although the article does cite the company’s attempts to review and block some of the videos submitted by ten of thousands of users. Among the videos accessible through the site, per the Post: nude lesbian lovers going at it, deformed babies and grisly scenes from horrific car accidents. Not exactly an ad-friendly environment. Apparently the New York State Consumer Protection Board is about to take action in the form of an official notice to consumers to be aware that some material on the site is unsuitable—for just about everybody.

—Posted by Steve McClellan