New words only a mouse potato could love

For those who don’t keep their dictionaries updated, more words have been added to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. New entries this year come from the scientific, technological, industrial and pop-culture fields, with the latter contributing several unamusing sniglets that will be driven into the ground faster than readers can say “blogosphere.” These include mouse potato (someone who’s always on the computer), himbo (a male bimbo, natch) and the verb to google (to quickly find information on the Internet). But that’s this year. What irritating buzzwords can advertisers torture us with in the future? How about: to ebay (to sell an item or items online); intarwubs (an alternate spelling of Internet); giggity (an implied sexual act, or an exclamation of arousal); lol (to laugh loudly or forcibly); and asshat (a stubborn, uneducated person). Feel free to use these, but do so with caution. “Unfortunately, with slang words, by the time it has become assimilated, it probably isn’t cool anymore,” says Merriam-Webster’s Arthur Bicknell. “If the grownups are using it, forget it!” Listen to this man. He’s no asshat.

—Posted by David Kiefaber