New McKinney anti-pot ads get it half right

McKinney and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America have released the latest ad strike in the "Above the Influence" campaign. The campaign consists of a series of fake ads recruiting teens for jobs as burrito tasters, couch security guards and TV remote-control operators. The teens are sent to microsites (like this one for burrito tasting) that redirect to The kicker? Copy at the bottom reads, "Hey, not trying to be your mom, but there aren't many jobs out there for potheads." At first, I was majorly excited that they were focusing on the monetary downside of smoking pot and not on the OMG-you're-so-gonna-die-if-you-smoke-pot part. But the awesome fake recruitment ads are only part of the campaign. A separate but equal series of ads appearing in the same mags will focus on the you're-so-gonna-die aspect of drug awareness, featuring animals dressed like teens involved in life-threatening situations. In one execution, two slugs do some salt, and through the power of metaphor we are educated about the deadly nature of weed. Teens, who are of course immortal, still don't respond as well to the abstract threat of death as they do to the everyday threat of social stigma.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers