New Hooters Ad as Obnoxious and Puerile as You'd Expect

Jody Hill can't find magic with puppets

Eastbound & Down is a funny show. So, you'd think its co-creator, Jody Hill, might have done a better job directing this new Hooters commercial from ad agency Fitzgerald+CO. Instead, we get a spot that's both crude and unfunny. It's based on a loutish lifeguard who's disgusted by the wrinkly old people he has to watch in the water, and whose inner dialogue is spoken by angel and devil owl puppets over his shoulder (the owl being the Hooters mascot). "I just threw up in my beak," is the best line the devil owl can muster. "How we approached these [ads] was kind of like we do on Eastbound & Down," Hill says in the behind-the-scenes video. "You start with the script. That's kind of your blueprint for the structure. And then you add on a joke or two, and pretty soon you just start improv-ing off that. That's where you get those kind of magic moments that you can't really write." Perhaps those magic moments were confined to future spots—one of which will apparently star former NFL coach Jon Gruden. Of course, it's possible Hill did a remarkable job here—juvenile and obnoxious being this brand's core attributes after all. Credits after the jump.