New Era’s Chicago Rivalry Wraps With an Epic Staredown

Offerman and Robinson suddenly speechless

The Brooklyn Brothers deliver another hit in their humorous "Chicago vs. Chicago" series for sports-cap maker New Era that stars NBC sitcom actors Nick Offerman, a Cubs fan, and Craig Robinson, who roots for the White Sox. Past efforts were notably noisy, featuring rapid-fire zingers from the pair as they squabbled over which team is better. Robinson even performed a version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in a strangled falsetto that made it sound as if his trousers were several sizes too tight and cutting off his oxygen supply. Now, we get the final spot of the series—an unexpected and amusing variation that freshens the campaign's basic theme. Offerman and Robinson keep quiet as they convey the silly but heartfelt depth of their rivalry by acting out cues from a TV announcer's play-by-play commentary while watching a Sox-Cubs matchup at a sports bar. When the voiceover says, "These guys are really locked in, no one's backing down today," the actors lock eyes, making ridiculously intense game faces. As they munch pretzels, crumbs fly in all directions and the commentator notes, "It's getting a little sloppy out there, one error after another." The spot is capped off by some schtick in the men's room, as the guys continue their impossibly intense fan-ish staredown at the urinals, and we're told, "Both teams have brought in some well-deserved relief." Of course, the Cubs are hopeless. And though the Sox are having a decent year, the Yankees have the best record in baseball and are a cinch to win the World Series, because that's the way God wants it. See all the ads from the series after the jump.